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Celebrating "in insomnia" with eaJ

“Last weekend was a dream” is the caption of eaJ’s Instagram post, showcasing photos from his two-day in insomnia release party held at the El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles. Held in celebration of his trilogy of EPs released this year - laughing in insomnia, smiling in insomnia, and medicated insomnia - the concert felt like a perfect amalgamation of everything eaJ and Jars have been hoping for since the release of “Car Crash” back in April of 2022. I’ve been a fan of Jae since his time in Day6

Introducing Milky Day

With the rise in popularity of the bedroom pop/indie/R&B mashup of genres taking over the Gen-Z music scene, it’s no surprise that more and more artists of this style are signing on to labels and creating a space for themselves in the industry. One such artist is Korean-New Zealander singer-songwriter and producer, Milky Day. In January of 2023, Milky Day signed with management Unbound Entertainment Group, known for their work with artists like JUNNY, Shaun, Jimmy Brown, and more.

MD: It’s been

"Lonely St." Isn't So Lonely Anymore

After seeing them two days prior with floor seats, (read about my experience here!) I was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to see them again in the lower bowl section of BMO Stadium. Regardless of the fact that I knew what to expect from having seen them before, experiencing the show from a different viewpoint with the emotional heaviness of this being the last night of the tour brought a whole new outlook to the evening.

When the lights dimmed and the screens changed, the roaring o

Review : RM's "Indigo"

A culmination of the journey he’s been on in his twenties, Namjoon explores the depths of uncertainty the future tends to hold and expresses his own insecurities at the thought of change and growth. Since his debut, he’s been known for his openness and willingness to share his vulnerability with his fans, and this album is no different. To shed more light on Indigo and his journey to get here, Namjoon and fellow member Suga (Min Yoongi) joined forces on a talk-show-style set up called Suchwita.

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