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K-bands : The Essentials

While music coming from South Korea is rapidly gaining popularity in these past years, if you aren’t plugged in to the scene your knowledge might begin and end with the image of a typical idol group, like BTS or BLACKPINK. However, there is a growing sub-genre of music being released from K-bands - i.e. groups that play their own instruments in their songs similar to bands like 5 Seconds of Summer or Fall Out Boy. To express our love and appreciation for these musicians, we have compiled a list of essential listens by our favorite K-bands.

Enjoying "La Dolce Vita" with ONEUS

After watching ONEUS on stage for the first time during We Bridge in 2023 and getting to see them briefly in South Korea while they promoted their Pygmalion album, I’ve been waiting for the US leg announcement of their second world tour in hopes I would be able to finally see them headlining. Fortunately, the touring companies were finally on my side, and gave ONEUS one stop in Phoenix, Arizona for the La Dolce Vita tour. Approximately two weeks shy of a year since the first time I saw them, my

The News Stan(d)’s Festival Lineup

With every announcement that has been made this new year, The News Stan(d) only grows more excited for the 2024 festival season. We can’t wait for what the warmer weather will bring. We long to run from one set to another, seeing as many of our favorite artists as possible. We ache for the community that comes with festival season: planning itineraries for each day, coordinating outfits on theme for each festival, and meeting up with friends and fans of the artists. Most of all we are itching fo

"You May Enter" with ATARASHII GAKKO!

My first introduction into the world of J-pop (besides Japanese tracks from K-pop groups) came when I saw ATARASHII GAKKO! perform at Head In The Clouds in 2021. Despite being one of the first acts on stage, they absolutely captured the audience's attention and had everyone jumping and dancing along with them. ATARASHII GAKKO! means “new school” in Japanese (新しい学校の), and the four member group is truly a new style of J-pop. Rather than focusing perfection, ATARASHII GAKKO! bring influences of hip

Welcome to the Tricky House

Just over seven months since their debut into the K-Pop world, powerful rookie group xikers has not only successfully opened shows for their company-mates ATEEZ and rocked the house at KCON LA 2023, but they have now completed their first U.S. tour: TRICKY HOUSE: The First Encounter. This tour brought nine of the members (we miss you, Junghoon!) to six different cities across the countries and introduced the xikers name to the U.S. scene.

Exploring Dawn and Dusk with The Rose

About a year ago, I sat down at my laptop to write my first article for The News Stan(d) - a review of The Rose’s first album post-enlistment titled Heal. Now, just a few weeks shy of Heal’s first anniversary, The Rose released their second album, Dual, and I am once again at my laptop ready to talk about how much I love this band and their music. The motif throughout the entire album is finding balance in life. Creating the message of “dual,” the album is composed of two different themes - “daw

"Don't Leave Yet!" Stream Eric Nam's latest album, "House on a Hill"

Over a year since his last album There And Back Again and the subsequent released reimagined version earlier this year, Korean-American singer/songwriter Eric Nam is back with his third English album House on a Hill. After dropping the name-sake track, “House on a Hill,” in June and the follow-up single “Don’t Leave Yet” in August, we finally received the whole album in September - and I’m absolutely obsessed.

A Trip To K-Poppia - KCON LA 2023 Event Recap

Walking into the first day of the convention, I thought I knew what to expect since this was my second year attending KCON. Even though this year’s event was held in a different part of the convention center, I thought I had my plan for the day down to the minute - something a lot of people had to do, in order to maximize their time and their ability to see all of the panels, programs, and idol appearances happening from the very start of Day One.

xikers teach us "How To Play"

After a strong debut at the end of March, KQ rookie boy group xikers is back with their first-ever comeback House of Tricky : How To Play. With double title tracks and a pre-release performance video, xikers fans (road𝓨) were well spoiled in the weeks leading up to the release. Containing six songs, this xikers album is a mix of their hard-hitting beats we’ve come to love from their debut, as well as summery b-sides that emulate the hints of a softer side of xikers we were teased in their first

Celebrating "in insomnia" with eaJ

“Last weekend was a dream” is the caption of eaJ’s Instagram post, showcasing photos from his two-day in insomnia release party held at the El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles. Held in celebration of his trilogy of EPs released this year - laughing in insomnia, smiling in insomnia, and medicated insomnia - the concert felt like a perfect amalgamation of everything eaJ and Jars have been hoping for since the release of “Car Crash” back in April of 2022. I’ve been a fan of Jae since his time in Day6

Keeping it "Groovy" with CRAVITY in Los Angeles, CA

With this show taking place in member Allen Ma’s hometown of LA, there was nothing less than total and complete excitement and hype as the clock ticked closer and closer to show time. With the line wrapped around the block (and then some), LUVITY spent their time handing out freebies and chatting about what they’re looking forward to the most about the show. I’ve been to a lot of K-pop concerts within the past two years, but I don’t think any of them can beat the amount of pickets and slogans I

Introducing Milky Day

With the rise in popularity of the bedroom pop/indie/R&B mashup of genres taking over the Gen-Z music scene, it’s no surprise that more and more artists of this style are signing on to labels and creating a space for themselves in the industry. One such artist is Korean-New Zealander singer-songwriter and producer, Milky Day. In January of 2023, Milky Day signed with management Unbound Entertainment Group, known for their work with artists like JUNNY, Shaun, Jimmy Brown, and more.

MD: It’s been

"Take Off" with iKon's Newest Album

Following their contract expiration with YG Entertainment and subsequent signing with 143 Entertainment, iKon has released their third studio album titled Take Off. Consisting of 7 group songs and 3 solo tracks (done by members Song “SONG” Yunhyeong, Kim “DK” Donghyuk, and Koo “JU-NE” Junhoe) ranging from genres like hip-hop to ballads to trot, Take Off proves that iKon has only continued to excel in their musical progression. There’s no sign of them stopping anytime soon.
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